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Custom Hats & Beanies For All Seasons & Styles!

Make a statement with style!

Perfect for businesses, schools, sports teams, or promoting your brand, Think Ink Tees' custom-embroidered hats are a great choice.

Or Call Us At 609-241-8072
Monday-Friday // 9am-3pm EST.


Think Ink has the skills and catalog to get what you need! 

Level up your headwear game with stylish caps, beanies, or visors. Choose from classic embroidery or a contemporary 3D puff effect.

There's so much more to what we do than

Custom Hats

Whether you own a restaurant, a construction company, a convention or are just looking for promotional items...we can do it or link you with a trusted partner. We always try to keep it local, from start to finish- that's the way it should be!

Ready To Start?

It all begins with a consultation, whether it be online, on the phone or in-person. If you'd like to stop by, we ask that you give us a call first to ensure we aren't tied up already. Otherwise, please full out the form below.


We are available Mon-Fri, 9a-3pm in the office at 609-241-8072.

Reason for Contact
Have we worked with you before?

Thank you! Someone from our team will get back to you! Please consider heading to our TikTok, IG or FB page at @ThinkInkTees to learn more about us.

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